A Worn Sign

The ground is solid slate and around it rocky structures jut out of the landscape. Wisps of sand blow to and fro, reminders of the ocean of sand nearby. Here the sand has lessened - a sign blows in the wind. The sign is not maintained and has corroded. It is marked 'MARKETPL.' Past the sign there looks to be a path that leads between two rocky outcroppings.

Levellock 20. This is a dark red I on the southwest corner of Sh'ara in Raji.

There's a shed key behind the building, and a shop key in the shed, you just have to search for them. The first two passages down also need searching. Better map forthcoming. In the insect tunnel search floor to get the key.

Map is incorrect south of the room in the green to dark green area that is marked you is the room you need you search floor then remove cover then you can go down.

The lowest caverns have three pairs of spiders. One pair poisons, one pair puts you to sleep in combat, and one pair just does extra damage. They all follow you. Only the spiders and the centipede boss are aggressive.

For extra laughs, look at the slime pods and take some damage.


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