A-Shug (Mage Tower Newbie Quest)

The fearsome A-Shug, Lich and Arch-Necromacer [undead]

Before you floats A-shug, Necromancer guildmaster, scourge of the living.
He is said to hear everything in the Six Worlds. Doubtless that is how he gained the
Jewel of Stone. Laughing silently at the empty airlessness of wildspace, he
moves in to attack you.

A-Shug appears in Mage Tower Newbie Quest, on Raji.

A-Shug is humanoid. He is a . (race is not set, this has been reported as bug and might change once a wizard looks at it.
Alignment: <something>
Creature level: <x>
Experience worth: 27
Creature size: <x>

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