A Hole In The Ground


Trabbart Eldnit

Trabbart is a somewhat legendary mob, hidden here for who knows how many years without ever having actually been found or killed. He was found July 27th, 2018. This area was added October 27th 2008.

Trabbart is a fairly simple mob, despite how hard it is to find him. According to monster lore he seems to be an Assassin/Fighter/Cultist/Bard/Witch/Death Knight.

Protlist -
HW (party? maybe just tank. He can cast Banish), Fearlessness (Minstrel's Wrath and fear), Esong (Bard para and Kundela), maxr, macr mair, party mapr

Maybe prots -
mafr? sol? masr? pfg? mahr? mair? He can cast things that do these dtypes or check these prots, but the chance seems quite low as I've not seen him often casting. One of his daggers does illus but it didn't seem to flash?

Specials -
With a roar, Trabbart gives in to his rage and pummels Loktai with his enormous fists!

Trabbart calls upon the power of evil and directs the hatred at Somnusmors!
Trabbart calls on the power of endless evil entities, directing their fury
directly at you!

Using sleight of hand, Trabbart makes a strange movement with a clenched fist. He flings magical powdery snow at Somnusmors.

Trabbart attacks Preduski with a sharp punch to the gut, knocking the wind out of them!


Trabbart Eldnit
One glance lets you know Trabbart rules the den of thieves. His eyes are hard and cold,
and he carries himself with absolute authority. His face is covered with stubble, and
when he flashes a grin his perfect white teeth stand out against his tan complexion. His
cleft chin and strong features make him extraordinarily handsome. If he wasn't evil, his
perfection would be complete. The only things this beautiful man is missing is a soul and
a conscience.

He is a scarred mess!
He is about the same size compared to you.
In appearance, he is gorgeous.
He is a human.
He is badly bruised.
Trabbart's equipment:
Brow: Black bandana -<Aura>-
Upper torso: Worn leather vest -<-(Aura)->-
Right hand: Worn dagger
Upper legs, lower legs, lower torso: Black wool pants -<-(Aura)->-
Feet: Heavy boots -<-(Aura)->-

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