A Dilapidated Old House

This old house on Perdow is home to a magical dollhouse. To get here from "North of Scarrowfell:" 1e, 2ne, 2e, 2s, 32e.

From out of the gloom of the surrounding swamp looms the haphazard shape of an extremely dilapidated house. The house's style seems to more closely match something that would be found in a forest on Welstar, and not in a swamp on Perdow.

A small, ramshackle house sits lopsided as if it suddenly materialized here and fell to the ground. This is, of course, exactly what the locals are saying happened. The house is sitting foot deep in the cold, dark water. It is covered in peeling paint, and there are several shingles missing from the roof, not to mention the siding that has completely come loose and is now floating aimlessly in the water.


It seems to be the only item in the entire house that isn't showing the signs of extreme age. A strange shimmering barrier is surrounding the doll house.

A tiny ettin seems to be trying to shout something at you, but his words are completely muffled.

Dollhouse Map


A bored jockey
a filthy rat
A galloping centaur shaped golem
a thief
A treant playing a tree
Bored jockey's horse [ ridden by Bored jockey ]
Loose Lips the chatterbox
The Ghost
The Locksmith


Coded by Rita.
Knock to open locked door in replica house by horse track.
Can obtain potion from inside replica house.

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